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I'll be posting a few things from my Freshman year. This first one was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but unfortunately my editors didn't quite get it, and, thinking I was being serious, actually got someone to write a "counter-point" explaining why all my "points" were really stupid.

When I complained to the editors that I felt they had misrepresented me and that the piece was supposed to be satirical, one of them told me, "I'm sorry, but NOTHING in your piece resembled satire in the slightest. Read Swift's A Modest Proposal. THAT'S satire."

I personally thought I was being pretty clear.

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This second one was written after the initial editorial debacle, when the afore-mentioned editor told me "Satire's supposed to be so outrageous no one could POSSIBLY take it seriously."

This was what I came up with.

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Introduction and Question

Hi, I'm a college Sophomore on the West Coast and I enjoy writing political humor (mainly satire). Before I post anything here, though, I have a question. Can I post ANY satirical writing relating to politics? Or is this place purely for parodies? I only ask because I write a lot of both, and wouldn't want to post something not appropriate to this forum.


So dark...

Is there still people here? I logged in and a bunch of tumbleweed hit me in the face and dust got in my eye.

I knew that this day would happen. We are all being taken out one by one. One blog at a time. One ticket at a time. One raid at a time.



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This is really rather obscure and british, but I just had to mention it somewhere. So here it is.

Newspaper in the UK called The Express owned by a guy that also owns lots of porn-related media services. I know this place is pro-porn (like, duh) but personally I prefer my porn a little bit more separated from my mainstream media. And for my government not to be in the owner's back pocket. (Or front pocket, or general crotch area.) Anyway. he refuses to recognise his connections to the porn industry, generally it's just amusing, more proactive people than myself are poking fun at him and are possibly a little more pissed-off by his two-faced-ness.

Cut to the point, there's a writing competition. The 'Express Meets Forum' Writing Competition (Forum is the porn mag):

Write an erotic story (1000 words max.) from the point of view of an editor, journalist or any other member of staff of The Express. All characters must be fictional, and the judge's decision will be final. To make the story as authentic as possible, it should be in keeping with the editorial practice of the Express (i.e. with all the rude words f**king bleeped out).

The people running this aren't involved in fic or slash in any way to my best knowledge. What d'you say? Wanna let loose and shock 'em all?